Re: USB Communication Cable

Rose Pryor

I have a usb to pcmia cable for the 2144 machine. I have 4D FILE ASSISTANT installed on windows 10 computer. I also have the Premier Plus 2 complimentary software installed on the computer (for very basic manipulation of designs, and for the Explorer plugin to view embroidery files in explorer).  All are on my old laptop which I will give to my granddaughter with the 2144/70 machine.  I have been able to transfer stitch files and embroidery files to the machine via the cable. It works consistently now. 
there is little memory on the machine for embroidery designs because of all the stitch files I have added, so I just "SEND" them to the machine in temporary memory. It works. I couldn't get the serial to usb converter cable to work. But I found this usb one which I had purchased long ago. So I didn't work with the serial cable any more.  I now need to see if the 4D card station will work with the setup. 


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