Re: Learning my 2144 all over again

WillieMae Charles

Good luck Rose teaching your granddaughter your machine. Once she learns it I'm sure she will love it as much as you do. I had the same Pfaff as you do but my mother board died and the repairman said there was no way to bring her back to life. 
I did love it for all it could do. So I upped my game and bought a 12 needle embroidery Highland machine which I love, but I still hope to one day to get a Pfaff again.

Take care.

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Subject: [Pfaff2170Machine] Learning my 2144 all over again

I am setting up my machine for my granddaughter, and since I need to teach her how to use it, I needed to refresh my memory. I am still impressed with how awesome this machine is. As a sewing machine it's great.  I am just going over the great number of stitches I have loaded onto the machine. And I have a great many I designed in STITCH ARTIST (original software program). MOst of them stitch out just fine, but some I need to delete and turn into embroidery designs. Sewing maxi stitches on fabric on the sewing mode is very tricky. Putting them into the hoop would be a solution. 

Years ago I made a STITCH NOTEBOOK with all the built in stitches and a lot of my own stitches.  That took me several days of continuous sewing.  I can give that to my granddaughter as a reference tool. Nothing like seeing the actual stitches on fabric. 

Next I need to do some embroidery to remember how to do that. I do remember it was frustrating as I really had to keep track of the colors in order. Today's machines are far more helpful. 


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