Re: USB Communication Cable

Rose Pryor

I have a 2144/70 and I am using the usb cable to card connection on windows 10.  Also, I have the 4D creative card station. I installed the 4D file assistant software (not requiring a dongle) onto my computer/s  I have three computer laptops. All running windows 10.  It works just fine on my new laptop. And on my second one as well, But it won't connect on my xps laptop. The setup is the same on all three computers :  windows 10.  4D file assistant. Creative card station connected directly to computer. usb cable to 2144 set up with direct connection to computer.  Can't figure it out.   Is there a driver I am missing? Where could I get it? 
HELP.  I want to give this 2144 to my granddaughter. I can't give her my software requiring a dongle, because I use it. Rose

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